Covid Prevention Policy

I’m fully vaccinated, and would encourage you to be, as well.  Let’s face this health issue together, protect our health, and improve our lives.

To keep myself, and visitors to my gallery safe, I have maintained mask-wearing for myself and visitors who come to see my work.  This is my policy, which conforms to the previous restrictions which I feel are still necessary at present:

For Visitors to Long Point Art Studio

1. Self-screening, sanitizing, and masking:  There will be a small table set up outside with a COVID questionnaire, hand sanitizer, and complimentary masks.  If you are displaying any COVID symptoms, feel ill, or have recently been exposed to someone with COVID, please visit another time.  There is hand sanitizer – please clean your hands, then put on one of my  disposable masks if you do not have one of your own on already.  This is for my safety, yours, and that of any other visitors.

2. Social distancing:  Visitors are asked to keep 2m (6′) away from other visitors, and the artist.  

3. Number of Visitors: A maximum number of visitors to the studio will be posted, according to the requirements of our local Health Unit and my comfort level. Please feel welcome to drive in if there are other cars in the driveway – you can always wait a few minutes if there are too many people, which is generally not an issue.

4. Safety Plan: My COVID safety plan will be posted.

4. Online sales, Studio Curbside Pickup: For local curbside pickup of purchases, the above policy will be in effect.

Please Note:

This policy will change over time, as the pandemic progresses and our Health Unit and the Province and Federal Government evolve their understanding of safe operating procedures for businesses.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact me.