About my Art

Stone Carving

I have an indoor basement workshop dedicated to soapstone carving.  Large work surfaces allow me to work on 4-5 carvings at the same time, which solves any issues with not knowing where to go next with any one carving.  I just put the troublesome one to the side, and work on a different piece.  The attached work room is where I plan out and finish my carvings. It has my reference library, along with a sanding and oiling station.

Painting and Drawing

My loft studio is a bright space I use for painting and drawing.  A small balcony keeps me connected with nature, with a fine view of the Dedrick Creek wetlands, and a winter view of the Long Point Inner Bay. I keep my painting and general reference library there, along with anything related to painting, as I spent many years of my artistic career devoted to painting and drawing.  I have one wall lined with tables, where I put paintings I am working on.  The wide gallery-wrapped canvases stand on their own, which helps.  I am usually working on 5-6 paintings at a time, switching from one to another to sidestep painting blocks, just like when I carve.

Carving Studio/Gallery

My garage is converted to a studio/gallery in warmer weather.  In the fall of 2021, I re-opened on a few weekends for the first time since the start of the pandemic.  I set up a carving station near my garage door, and work on a carvings in the fresh air.   I will be open for the local Chamber of Commerce's Shop The Shore on the weekend of May 5-7, 2023.

About the Port Rowan/Long Point Area

My home studio/workshop is located on the Long Point Causeway, just outside the charming and picturesque fishing village of Port Rowan, Ontario, Canada.

Wildlife is all around: turtles, frogs and toads in the wetlands behind my home (and in my backyard).  In the winter, flocks of Tundra Swans fly over the house, and noisy (but wonderful) Sandhill Cranes feed in the corn field across the road.

Big Creek Wildlife Area, a National Wildlife Area and part of the UNESCO World Biosphere Region, is five minutes away on the Causeway.  Two observation platforms are excellent lookouts for spotting migrating birds, and turtles in the spring and summer.

Ten minutes further down the Long Point sand spit is the sandy beach at Long Point.  Ten minutes north of my studio is Backus Woods.  Wineries and breweries are springing up everywhere, and ecotourism is expanding rapidly in Norfolk County, with new land and water-based activities to suit many interests.